What is the EU/EC Declaration of Conformity for CE Marking (CE mark)?
The EC declaration of conformity is the written statement and the a single declaration drawn up to demonstrate the fulfilment of the EU requirements relating to a product bearing the CE marking.
The declaration shall be in respect of all Community acts applicable to the product containing all information required for the identification of Community harmonisation legislation to which the declaration relates.
The declaration of Conformity is a special document, which indicates  that the product meets all of the requirements of the applicable EU directives. It must be issued by Product Certification Body , or by the person placing the product on the EU market if the manufacturer is not based in Europe.

List of directives that ELSPECTA-AB can issue EU/EC Declaration Certificate:

89/106/EEC Construction products     

89/686/EEC Personal protective equipment

92/42/EEC Hot-water boilers

93/15/EEC Explosives for civil uses

93/42/EEC Medical devices

94/9/EC Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres  

97/23/EC Pressure equipment

98/79/EC In vitro diagnostic medical devices

99/5/EC Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment

2000/9/EC Cableway installations designed to carry persons

2004/22/EC Measuring Instruments Directive

2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility

2006/42/EC Machinery

2006/95/EC Low voltage directive

2007/23/EC Pyrotechnic articles

2009/23/EC Non-automatic weighing instruments

2009/48/EC Safety of toys

2009/105/EC Simple pressure vessels

2009/142/EC Appliances burning gaseous fuels

2010/35/EU Transportable pressure equipment

Directive 94/11/EC
Leather Product Regulations in the European Union