Who is CEN and what is EN?
The National Standards Organizations (ex. AFNOR, BS, DIN, SN, SNV) from almost 30 European countries are member of CEN. A group of experts from each National Standard Organizations are appointed to take part of working group 6 (WG 6) for paragliding equipment to update and renewing the EN standards. Example of EN standard is EN 926-2 for flight test and EN 926-1 for load test of paragliders.

Paraglider Certification: DGAC
 Paramotor Certification

DGAC (Direction Generale de l’Aviation Civile) is the French FAA. They don’t actually certify ultralights, but rather require manufacturers attest that their wing behaves as described in its user manual. There is no testing for non-normal flight regimes like collapse, stall recovery, spiral behavior and so on. Like non-certified wings, you will be a test pilot in some conditions.

The glider may be fine, of course, but it’s more up to you to find out, especially before exploring steeper, slower, more aggressive, or faster regimes. Lean on experienced pilots who have survived that process already, or take it to an over-water maneuvers clinic.

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